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Behavioural Sciences

The Behavioural Sciences diploma program gives you the opportunity to study the theory and clinical applications of the branch of applied psychology known as behavioural science. As a student in the Behavioural Sciences program, you will learn about Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which is the science of understanding, analyzing and modifying human behaviour. As a student in this program, you will graduate with a deep understanding of the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and the broad range of their possible applications.

You may choose to pursue a rewarding career as a behavioural interventionist in the field of autism, a field which offers many employment opportunities. You could also seek employment in the school system as an educational assistant or educational resource facilitator or in a specialized position within the school system's ever increasing ABA-based services. Your career path may also lead you to employment in correctional facilities, group homes or other specialized centres that need staff who can implement behavioural intervention plans for individuals with behavioural challenges or other exceptionalities.

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