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Viticulture and Wine making

For some, wine is a pleasure to be enjoyed. For you, it’s that – and an exciting career! Join our award winning commercial teaching winery and ignite your passion for wine making. Whether you are a hobbyist and/or a wine enthusiast interested in enhancing your knowledge about wine, this program combines theoretical knowledge and skills with practical hands-on experience to quench your thirst.

This program prepares individuals for an exciting career in the viticulture and wine- making industry. The curriculum covers the aspect of the business and science of wine-making. Possible entry level career options include:

• Oenologist – serving as a professional winemaker to test grapes, ferment the juice, oversee cellaring and manage storage and maturation of the wine

• Vineyard Manager – a wine professional in charge of selecting different crop varieties, planting grape vines and pruning crops each season

• Cellar Manager – a wine professional responsible for storing wine so that it reaches full maturation, overseeing sales and providing tours for vendors and guests

• Cellar Hand – an assistant to the cellar manager who oversees the operations of the cellar, manages inventory and coordinates day-to- day operations

• Wine Researcher – a wine professional responsible for conducting field research studies to learn about the soil and vine preservation opportunities

• Expert Winemaker/Enologist – a wine professional responsible for the actual making of wine and spirits; may have a strong background in physics and chemistry

Other possible career paths include:

• Supervisory positions within the wine industry 

• Cellar hand 

• Vineyard worker 

• Laboratory technician 

• Start your own wine label 

• Winery Retail 

• Wine Event Consultant / Wine Business Consultant

• Wine Columnist / Journal writing 

• Buyer Retail / Wholesale 

• Hotels / Resorts 

• Resident Restaurant Expert 

• Prerequisite for Sommelier 

• Wine and Beverage Management 

• Wine Sales

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