portfolio 12


There is no better feeling than saving lives... Studying medicine has been one of the most popular choices of bright and ambitious students. Let’s see what the advantages of studying Medicine are.

1. Promising career
We hardly see any unemployed doctor, don’t we?

2. Helping people
If you are a people person studying medicine is the right choice. Doctors have no better joy than the one they feel when a sick person recovers.

3. Team work
Medicine nowadays is based on team work. Not only does a doctor cooperate with nurses and other doctors on daily bases, but he is also a mentor figure and a role model for his students.

4. Respect in Society
Whether we want to admit it or not, doctors are always on the top of the social scale. Whether you go to the theatre or to the cinema you should know that you will be noticed. This also represents a great responsibility because it is not often that a doctor is also a moral authority, especially in smaller places.

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