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Business Administration

Meet every challenge, be open to change and realize your goals – whatever they may be. Excel in any business setting and succeed in organizations large, small or even your own.
In our current society, businesses are changing and evolving in order to remain relevant and competitive. The Business Administration program provides the skills that will prepare you to become a key decision-maker within an organization. One of the challenges you will face as a manager is unpredictability. Having skills in place to recognize and handle the regular fluctuation of a firm's external and internal environments is critical in today's complex business environment. As a graduate of this program, you can find work as a business analyst, sales representative, office manager, product manager, executive assistant or personnel manager in industries as diverse as banking, retail, insurance, manufacturing and government.
There are many categories you can specialize in. To name a few:
• Human Resource Management.
• Marketing
• International Business
• Purchasing and Supply Management.
• Financial Planning
• Accounting
• Professional Accounting Practice
• Wealth Management
• Project Management
• Organization Management
• Global logistics and supply chain
• International Transportation and Customs
• Non profit Leadership and Management
• Strategic Marketing and Marketing Analytics
• Hospitality business and Operations management.
•  Entrepreneurship and Small Business
• Social Media Analytics
• Global Tourism
• Service Management.
• Event Marketing
And many more...

These programs are available in Graduate and under-graduate levels

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